About US

How many people do you know who have gone back to smoking because the first experience didn’t work out. How much experimenting did it take you to switch completely? Or motivation to keep going? And support along the way?

We’ve heard different reasons why vaping didn’t stuck. Mostly because they didn’t find the right setup and have anyone to help out. But you know what?! Sending them to reputable vape shops, taking time to get educated, trying out what works and what not, having someone to walk through the process has made all the difference for so many.

This is why we’re building a support platform around local vape shops and combine it with community of vapers. Because it’s the best way to help smokers switch to vaping. And helping smokers make the switch is the one thing that unites most of the vaping world.

Ardo soonurm

Got his first experience in 2007, cofounding an e-cigarette brand - PEP Cigarettes. Fascinated by the the crazy interesting world of vaping ever since. His main focus is on addressing the challenges threatening the future of vaping.

Jaanus sakkis

Our multi-talented Creative Director, UI/UX, product development, branding and marketing guy. Seriously, he does it all and no one knows how. His love for playing around with ideas, sketching, drawing and writing, creates the VapeOut experience.

henry vaaderpass

Cofounded PEP Cigarettes with Ardo back in the day. Most of his background is in software development and systems design. With more than 500 projects under his belt, he’s now making efforts to make using VapeOut effortless.

Markkus Millend

Our frontend developer. He’s the youngest in the team, endlessly cracking on coding ever since the first time he got his hands on a Mac. He brings his skills and experience to make VapeOut look sleek and cool. His next favourite thing is to throw people around - because that’s what a Judo champion does.